Welcome to Greater New Hope Family Services

Our team seeks to provide countywide services in so much as we have personnel located throughout Multnomah County and can address the need for services countywide. Our response will be timely because of our access to the various areas. In addition, the faith based organizations we represent are strategically located and are most probably the largest concentrations of African Americans in this area.


This critical question is: What can we do to assist families facing the challenge of finding a safe, decent and affordable place to transition through until a more permanent solution can be rendered?

Many have suffered the loss of jobs, homes and financial security during the current housing and economic turmoil. Greater New Hope Family Services has been established to aid clients in turning their personal set backs into major life changing comebacks. It is the vision of the Greater New Hope Family Services is to develop a case managed facility where clients can access community services in one place. Our case management services will provide clients with individualized plans to address their situation, and help guide clients through implementing those plans and accessing our on-site services. Our ‘one-stop shop’ transitional housing facility is not only cost-effective for families but will also allow professionally trained staff to have up close and personal contact with clients to identify barriers to self-sufficiency that otherwise could not be observed.

  • On any given night, about 4,000 people sleep on the streets or in shelters across Portland. Homeless people can be adults, young people, couples or families with children.
  • Family shelters in Multnomah accommodate less than 50 families on any given night. In Winter, this availability is even more limited.
  • Virtually no facility for fathers with children, with or without the mother.