Male Mentoring Program

We help men connect with their families. Offering the following services:

  • How to relate to your child
  • How to be a father when you are absent from the home
  • Parenting skills for dads
  • Counseling for dads
  • How to be in your child’s life after domestic violence
  • Monthly activities with other men and boys
  • Dads Day out with the boys

The  three fundamentals of being an effective Dad:


FATHERS are missing in the homes therefore, our young boys hardly ever interact with their dads or other men.

 Where will a BOY learn how to be a MAN?


We help young boys connect with other men and other boys.

Services for young boys:

  • A male mentor
  • Weekly check ups on your school grades
  • Contracts for school grades
  • Weekly meetings with mentor
  • Counseling about peer pressure and how to deal with school problems
  • Monthly outings with other young boys and men
  • Attend school meetings with parents
  • Helping senior citizens around the house
  • Homework help
  • Transportation to activities
  • Church activities (when appropriate)


List of Services FOR DADS:


  • Counseling Services
  • Coaching
  • Modeling
  • Encouraging your child
  • At Home Dads
  • Traveling Dads
  • Parenting program
  • Fathers helping to create a safe school environment

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