“Adopt a Family” seeks to help families in need of assistance throughout the year.  Adopt a Family enriches the lives of children, helps the family to make remarkable change, ensures that children enjoy their childhood and realize their dreams.  Each time you donate, you help many more children experience lasting change today and in the future.  You may select a family or a member of the family.  Cards of encouragement, notes, letters or donated items may be sent to Greater New Hope Family Services labeled with the name of the family and specified child. All families will remain anonymous donors will only remain anonymous if they desire to.



Family’s nick name

No. of girls in family/ages

No. of boys in family/ages

Shirt or blouse sizes

Pants or skirts sizes

Shoe sizes

Birthdays or other special days

Paul’s family

2 ages

8 and 9 years old

2 boys

ages 5 and 17

Girls size medium and large

Boy size medium to large

Girls sizes 8 and 16

Boy size 8

Girls sizes 3 and 7.5

Boy size 2

Sept 12

Oct 24

April 12

Nov 14

Imma’s family

Girl age 12

Girls age 8

1 Boy age 3.5

Blouse  sizes medium and small

Boy  shirt size small

Girls Jeans size 0 to 1

And Size 8 children

Girls size 8

And size 9

Boy size 12 in kids

Dec 3

April 16

Jan 4

Jen’s family

Girl age 12

Top size large

Jeans size


Shoes size 7.5

April 3

Sam’s family

3 boys

Boys size medium and large

And 3T

Boys 12,

Boy 8

8 children

4 boys

size 1 boys

Jan 14

July 11

May 23


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